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Electric vs. Gas Cars

After the unveiling of the Tesla Model 3, the flood of pre-orders both shocked Elon Musk and gave the automotive industry an early insight into the future of electric cars. That is, the potential that electric cars may become much more mainstream in the near future than they ever have been in the past. Despite having been in production for nearly two decades, the Toyota Prius hasn’t received anywhere near the attention that the Tesla Model 3 has been getting before it’s even begun production.

With the prediction that electric cars will become mainstream in the next few years, it might be worth considering switching from a gas vehicle to an electric one. The biggest selling feature of electric and hybrid cars is their lower impact they have on the environment, but “better options” are known for costing significantly more than their “less good” counterparts (healthy vs fast food, solar power vs electric energy).

We decided to do an in-depth comparison of two similar cars to determine whether it makes more sense to go electric or stick with your gas car.

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4 Great Car Podcasts

Podcasts have become increasingly popular with commuters. Many of us will listen to a podcast instead of a playlist during a workout or on the way to work because podcasts offer a little more than a good tune to mindlessly drift off to – they offer information and stories that engage you, sort of like a radio talk show but with less celebrity gossip and more substantial content.

A podcast is kind of like reading an article or watching a tv show, but you don’t have to look at something to keep up with it. Seeing as we are a body shop, it’s important to us that quality information is circulated about cars. If you’re a car lover, we’ve put together a short list of some of our favourite and most useful auto podcasts:

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Spring Clean Your Car


Spring is introduced by chirping birds, longer, sunnier days, and freshly blooming flowers – don’t overshadow the beauty of the season by surfacing your dirty, salt stained car from the throes of winter. Most people use spring as an excuse to reinvent themselves, to organize their life, and to focus on new goals and endeavours. Typically goals fall along the lines of cleaning out your closet, starting a new fitness routine to get in shape for summer, or planning some kind of new experience like travelling or signing up for a new class. We don’t often think about the “spring cleaning” our cars require. Cars take a beating over the winter, from the engine running twice as hard, to the salt stains and mounds of snow we drive through, so some TLC for your car will help it run more efficiently for all those road trips you’ll be taking this summer, and will save you in maintenance costs in the long run.

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Family-Friendly March Break Activities

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.13.02 AMMarch break is the awkward in-between season when it’s too warm to do winter things like skiing and ice skating, but too cool to do spring things like go camping and outdoor swimming. It can be hard to keep your kids entertained during March Break: you don’t want them to spend the whole week sleeping in and watching TV all day, but you also don’t want to spend the week acting as their chauffeur, which only interferes with your work schedule. Instead, why not use March Break as an excuse to take some time off and plan some forced family fun.

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Weird Driving Habits You Should Probably Stop Doing

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We know that texting and driving is illegal now, which one could hope has lead to a decrease in distracted driving accidents, but that hasn’t seemed to stop people from doing other dumb (and downright weird) things on the road. In 80% of collisions, drivers had only taken his or her eyes off the road for 3 seconds prior to the accident, and while banning cell phone usage when driving is a great start, some drivers seem to think some of these driving habits are acceptable by comparison. Continue reading

Canadian International Auto Show Recap


A group of Lotuses at Toronto’s Canadian International Auto Show 2016

As a collision repair shop, it’s not often that we get to admire the beauty and most innovative technologies of the newest car models; after all, they’re usually pretty beat up by the time they get to us. It’s vital that we keep up to date on everything car-related, so we took a field trip to the Canadian International Auto Show, over the weekend. The Auto Show is the epitome of all things relevant in the automotive industry (and it’s also just really fun to go to). We got some great shots of our favourite models for 2016, including some clues as to what the future of cars looks like.


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Body Shop Glossary

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How often are we so sure we understand something when someone is explaining it to us, but we get home and suddenly draw a complete blank? Collision repair terminology isn’t exactly casually integrated in our day-to-day conversation, and some words can be a little confusing. We’ve broken down some common terms you might find on your estimate or invoice, that might cause you to scratch your head a little bit.

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